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The Congregation Of Vapors is a cloud of musical friends who come together under a host of band names, each with its own lineup and sound. Our aim: to bring you beautifully-recorded music in packaging that hearkens back to the golden age of album design.

A basic subscription includes ALL of the new digital music we release. A downloadable/streamable offering every two weeks - a track from a forthcoming album, a sneak-peek demo, or even an entire live show from the past. Plus a host of back-catalog releases when you sign up, several of which are exclusive to subscribers. And a 20% discount on all physical items. AND subscriber-exclusive updates, merch and experience offers (like free admission to the Hanslick Rebellion's 20th Anniversary Show in NYC this fall)!

Higher subscription tiers include various physical products, apparel and merch, including all kinds of freebies and extras. Details are below. We refuse to disappoint you.

Participants in TCOV releases (past and upcoming) include:
Jed Davis, Mike Keaney, Alex Dubovoy, Joe Abba, Dom Maltempi, Reeves Gabrels, Anton Fig, Mike Kearns, Avi Buffalo, Graham Maby, Bryan Thomas, Chuck Rainey, Sheridan Riley, Marky Ramone, Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey, Dweezil Zappa, Brian Dewan, Ralph Carney, Arturo Vega, Maryann Fennimore, Tchad Blake, Sean Gould, Steve Theater, Jerry Marotta, Tony Levin, Earl Slick, David Dillon, Eric Jarvis, Coop, Barbara Kramer, Victor Moscoso, Eric Dohner, Michael Doret, Dave Fridmann, Mike Allred, Pete de Boer, Tony Doogan, Justin Marc Lloyd, John Delehanty, Mark Plati, Rob Hill, Victor Bisetti, Stevie Blacke, Chris deRosa, Rebecca Coleman, Travis Sullivan, Sean Nowell, Jeff Hermanson, Michael Leviton, Peter Bagge, David Schulman, Meagan Duffy, Mario Sevayega, and so many others.

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  • For $25/year, you get everything above.
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  • For $50/year, you get everything above, plus:
    • A copy of any new CD we put out
    • The CD WELCOME PACK, featuring two CD-EPs (TCOV’s “With Love From America” single and The Hanslick Rebellion’s The Deli Of Life EP) and Jed Davis’ full-length I AM JED DAVIS! CD
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  • For $100/year, you get everything above, plus:
    • One of each new physical item as released (vinyl, apparel, 8-track, poster, cylinder record, etc.)
    • The FRICKIN EVERYTHING WELCOME PACK, featuring a Sevendys “Living In A Frame” 10” and two randomly-selected TCOV project t-shirts from the grab bag (specify your size!)
    • First 10 subscribers get a letterpress Hanslick Rebellion gig poster from Hatch Show Print signed by Jed Davis, Mike Keaney, Alex Dubovoy and Mike Kearns
    • First 20 subscribers get a silkscreened JED DAVIS CELEBRATION PARTY! poster signed by Jed Davis, Reeves Gabrels and Mike Keaney
    • First 30 subscribers get a copy of the Sevendys “When I Step Off The Train” single signed by Jed Davis, Avi Buffalo, Sheridan Riley, Jerry Marotta and Chuck Rainey
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
The Congregation Of Vapors
New York, New York
We work under a host of band and project names and in every genre, including a few we made up.

Prominent Congregants include Jed Davis, Mike Keaney, Alex Dubovoy, Joe Abba, Dom Maltempi, Reeves Gabrels, Sheridan Riley, Anton Fig, Avi Buffalo, Meg Duffy, Bryan Thomas and Mike Kearns.
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